Business and Coaching Qualifications

Working as  Commercial Director and Deputy Ambassador at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I have hands-on experience of what it takes to “make it” in big corporations. And not least, with the organisational and personal challenges you might meet on the way. I have advised and coached a broad number of top executives from Danish as well as international companies, organizations, politicians and start-ups.

Additionally, I am running a tailor-made coaching-program “Makker-redning”, developed for newly appointed Head of Trade posted abroad at the Danish missions within the MFA. 


International Experience

My insight on culture and related challenges stems from my work with different nationalities from all over the world. I have worked abroad for 11 years and lived in a number of countries such as France, United States, Chile, United Kingdom, the Philippines and latest in Spain.


Academic Background

My academic qualifications are within business- and organizational development, geopolitics, communication, and psychology. I have studied law and have a master in Political Science. Furthermore I am a certified NLP Master Coach.

For a detailed C.V., see LinkedIn Profile


From a tough childhood, I learned to defy and overcome challenges by putting on the long light and setting clear goals for where I wanted to go and what I wanted to accomplish in life. Combined with a strong set of guiding values – and supportive people – I found my own way to a balanced and meaningful life combining an exciting carrier with the motherhood of twins.

Each person have their own unique story to tell. As a coach, my ambition is to guide you on how to be the best version of yourself as an authentic and impactful leader and in a way that is sustainable in the long run.